Main Stage – Cottonwood, Arizona

A great group of musicians dropped into the famous Main Stage in Cottonwood on Thursday night. Among them, Terranomaly members Carla and Michael, and local favorite Drummer Dan, who put together an entertaining rock set.

Central Arizona has a thirst for some great rock ‘n roll, and this segment of Terranomaly is geared up to provide just that.

As a three-piece, there are some songs in the Terranomaly lineup that will have to wait. The rhythm-bass player is still yet to be found to get the sound from the album on the WAKE UP tracks. A six-string bass tuned E to E (or 5 string tuned A to E) and a guitarist-turned-bass-player that knows how to use the bass range for rhythm guitar, is what Terranomaly is seeking now.


The Website is Back!

Jeff, Carla and I have been writing some new material, and some samples will be available as soon as production (and copyright) allows.

Have you noticed how many times the lyrics on the album have been appearing on TV and alternative news reports?
What we’ve been writing about for a long time, appears to be coming to fruition. Are you prepared for interruption in electrical service to your home? How about a failure of the transportation system to provide grocery stores with daily needs? You aren’t still holding FRNs are you?

We’ll be writing about finding the happiness through all of the stuff occurring, and doing our best to remind us all that good people are everywhere. You just have to look around those who would ignore and trespass on your Creator-given rights.


Jeff Is Out of the Hospital!

Thought you might like to know that Jeff Byrd is out of the hospital, and out of in-house rehab. He has moved into a new apartment, and will now be getting more dangerous in his wheelchair, and will be preparing for new legs.

CDsPlease send Jeff your best wishes.

Also, be sure to tell everyone you know about the WAKE UP album, as the songs are only getting more timely!

With the lyrics from “What Would You Do,” “Don’t Come For My Gun,” and “Much More” in everyday news, WAKE UP is a great way to get talking with your friends and neighbors about recovering what was once great about America. We can all relate to “New American Anthem.”

You know that stuff isn’t right, and though you might not know exactly what it is, you know it needs to be addressed immediately. We hear you.


What’s the Next Album Look Like?

Some fans have been asking what the next album will be like. Jeff and I have been working since the beginning on a cover album called “TERRANOMALY: UNDER THE COVERS” and that might be the band’s next album release.

On the other hand, we also have several tracks in the works for our sophomore album which has a working title of “BE HAPPY.” Goes well with “WAKE UP” doesn’t it?

Here is a collage, a medley of samples, or whatever you might call it of some of our cover tracks.

I’ll make another post soon with some clips from BE HAPPY.


Producer/Musician Jeff Byrd Finds New Challenge

Jeff realizes his beard is gone!

Those of you in the business who know Jeff, know that he is never one to under-achieve. He set records on some of the most challenging tests you have thrown at him. He is a multi-instrument musician, composer, writer, producer, electrical engineer, designer, teacher, programmer, and more. He has kept up with the best in all of those fields.

Now, Jeff has a new challenge. He has had both legs amputated above the knees.  Please send a positive note to Jeff, and let him know you’re thinking about him.

There is Much More music to produce, Terranomaly’s second album “Be Happy” is in the works, and Jeff is a key component.


World’s Biggest Guitar Pedalboard?

IMG_0684 This may not be the WORLD’s biggest, but it is definitely quite the contraption!

Designed by Michael, this rolling unit contains a VG-8, GR-30, PODxt-LIVE and switches and pedals to modify the sounds they create. Under the mixer is a pair of Sennheiser receivers for the band’s wireless headset microphones.

IMG_0705Wanting to have a one-piece unit with a left and right output to plug into PA’s in small clubs, Michael added the telescoping mixing board mount for the Mackie mixer. The menagerie of cables is cleanly tucked away, and need not be assembled at the venue.


A Slice of Terranomaly

Olde Sedona logoOn Monday, February 16, Michael and a couple of guest players will play at the Olde Sedona Bar and Grill in Sedona, Arizona.

It’s open mic night, called “Blues Night” at the Olde Sedona, so expect to hear Born In A Hue of Blue as a minimum!

1405 AZ-89A  Sedona, AZ 86336  – 9pm – 1am



Terranomaly Makes FM Rotation

Three months after its release, WAKE UP, or at least a few tracks from the album, have made their way to the FM airwaves.

The first station to make the big decision is Jerome, Arizona’s FM100.5 KZRJ. You can listen on the internet at this link.

If you know someone in radio, and get them to play our music on the air, we’ll send you a CD, free. Also, get everyone you know to request TERRANOMALY on your local rock radio station. They play what you request when in large numbers. Even 20 people in a week requesting TERRANOMALY will get the attention of the program director.



Jeff and I were the last men standing, doing our best to bring you the message of Terranomaly. We’re planning to tour and come to see YOU, and Jeff and I can’t do it all on stage for you live. We were tasked with finding more players and singers to bring you a level of entertainment in rock music that you haven’t seen, or haven’t seen in a LONG time.

We have completed our search, and are ready to announce the new players.

Drums: Rob Herbert
Bass and vocals: Carla Darin

Jeff Byrd will be primarily on keyboards, and I will do guitar and vocals as before.

This is an exciting line up, and I know you will be amazed at what comes next.


Re-Broadcast of Wake Up Album on UK Radio Show

PerfumedGardenBanner Perfumed Radio with Mike Wright

UK radio personality, and music history expert, Mike Wright, hosts a radio show called Perfumed Garden Radio. He introduced the entire WAKE UP album to his listening audience last weekend, and there have been so many listeners, that he is repeating the show this weekend (starting TONIGHT).

The show airs at 8pm PST Saturday (TONIGHT!) and Sunday at 1am, 6am, 11am, and 8pm, and Monday at 1am, 6am, and 11am, all PST.

This is the first in his new series of ALBUM shows.  LISTEN HERE!



If rock is dead, long live ROCK!